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Linen Sweater

Linen Sweater

Red Delicious Linen Sweater (JD-10111)

A "Stand out and get YOU noticed" knitwear line from Poland called JWA will easily become your new addiction! Hand loomed Pure Linen collection from Poland, JWA Nature's designer and founder, Alicja Kujac managed to turn her passion into reality with the launching of her brand. Using her many sketches, she was able to transform thoughts on paper into real hand-woven linen pieces, combining her desire to work with natural materials and produce designs that simply aren't found on the High Street. She continues this with a small team producing garments in small batches, though each finished individually, using handmade applications.


Fits Bust up to 40"
Length is 32" and drapes down on sides to 42"
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