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Welcome to the Art To Wearhouse!

    I'm Suzanne, founder and principal dreamer behind the Art to Wearhouse.  Whether you're a creative clothing connoisseur, or a new found wearable art lover, I want to introduce you to a brand new online shop full of clothing that fits who you truly are!  Fun, confident, colorful, playful, artsy, edgy, powerful, bright, cheery, comfortable, easy, beautiful, empowered - all these and more describe the women 


I've met over the past 22 years through my retail shop and art shows and  if you're on this site then I know you're one of these women too!  Styling women in clothing that inspires them to step into the world comfortable, colorful, and confident, and embrace their authenticity is what makes my heart sing and what I do best!  Let me be your

personal shopper in your quest to dress to express who you are! 

So come on in - AND WEAR YOURSELF OUT!     Happy shopping!!       XO Suzanne



Tina Kelch

"I LOVE the way these clothes make me feel. They are so stylish and original and fun!"

     My wardrobe used to be boring and not all that flattering for my fuller figure - not so with Suzanne's clothes.  When I wear these clothes I feel happy.  I get so many compliments when I go out.  They flatter me and make me stand out in a crowd.

     "I finally had found what I was looking for - clothes that were an expression of my spirit,

my voice, my soul."

Michelle Spaulding

Artist / Dream Coach




     Over thirteen years ago I stumbled upon the mad mad world of Suzanne Armstrong.   When I opened that door I was presented to a whimsical world of color, affirmations, texture, fabric, jewelry and hospitality.  I finally had found what I was looking for - clothes that were an expression of my spirit, my voice, my soul.  I had entered a world of art to wear, whimsy, fantasy and kindred spirits.  Suzanne has created a colorful sanctuary that soothes the soul and a place for your inner child to dance with her womanly body.  I look forward to her Arty Party events were I can buy, eat and connect with other like-minded women.  These events are not only held to shop with the girls for the latest and greatest art-to-wear but to meet and greet old friends, make new ones in a safe friendly environment where women support and empower each other.  I call her business the ’Joy Ministry.’  She brings, joy, laughter, light and self-acceptance to women of all shapes and sizes.  When I wear my clothes encounters clothing I get stopped by men and women with compliments galore.  The biggest compliment I get is that 'seeing me in my clothing makes them smile.’ No matter what weight I am that day or what kind of mood I am in when I put on my Clothes Encounters Clothing I am transported to a happy and joyful place.

Nancy White

"These are the clothes that make me feel like I can conquer the world!" 

     "Where did you get that outfit - You look beautiful!"

"That outfit makes everyone who sees you happy!"

"Is that a Suzanne?"

From Occoquan to Avon to Arty Party, I have followed this gifted, talented, happy, enthusiastic, beautiful woman whose clothes reflect her personality.  I wear these clothes everywhere, from country club - to work - to Niemans for lunch - out to dinner - to a party - talk about versatile!  I am 76 and a little overweight but now I am accustomed to feeling just over top in my clothes.  No more -What should I wear?  No more - What fits today?  It all looks great!

    This is where I shop.  This is what I wear.  These are the clothes that make me feel like I can conquer the world.  They are all I wear.  I have always had a great deal of self confidence and now I add Clothes Encounters to what makes me feel in charge.  These clothes are never thrown away.  I have pieces ten years old and my sixteen and eighteen year old grandchildren wear them every day.  Now I am keeping the spectacular art work and will piece it into a quilt.

These clothes have changed my life!

" 'Suzanne style' never goes out of style."

Nancy Ragland

     My wardrobe before Suzanne was so "normal" that I blended in with everyone.  Now that I'm in my "Suzanne period", people notice!  I've had so many people ask me if I'm an artist, and of course I say "sure"!  And my "Suzanne style" never goes out of style.  When I open the clothes boxes for the current season, it's like renewing an old friendship!  My students at school love my clothes!  They notice everything. One 4th grade girl asked me if it bothered me to wear jeans and my school t-shirt every Friday.  I cannot imagine dressing "normal" again!   

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