Twist and Shout Arty Party

This is the invitation from my most recent Arty Party for this Spring. It featured my newest line Twist and Shout which, as you can see from the pieces available here on the site, has a fun, colorful 50's retro vibe. You can see my Clothes Encounters Clothing page by hitting the news button above. I had such a good time putting this line together and the party was a blast. I have these live events to launch my new lines 4 times a year in the DC metro area (Northern Virginia to be exact). If you're visiting this site and live somewhere nearby be sure to stay tuned for details on the next one coming in June 2014. I'd love to see you there! Here you also see the page I put together to promote pieces I had from Meg Staley. I'm lucky to have Meg as a friend and her latest art to wear appears regularly at the Arty Parties!

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