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Smiley Sweatshirt

Smiley Sweatshirt

$135.00 Regular Price
$68.00Sale Price
Smiley Sweatshirt - Mermaid Tahiti in Seafoamy Size 2

We're giving YOU something to Smile about and it's this Mermaid SMILEY Sweatshirt! Our Clothes Encounters Sweatshirts are a TOP SELLER and you'll agree this one is Happy-er than EVER! Made from our Tahiti print cotton lycra jersey and patched with my original Mermaid artwork all hand painted and One of a Kind!
Washer/Dryer safe.

Size 2 fits a Medium up to a 1X

* Sizing note: Since I used several different fabrics but the same pattern - there is a slight difference in the sizing between the fabrics so if you need the exact measurements on a specific sweatshirt please email me at and I'm happy to give you the specifics!
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