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Play Day Pant

Play Day Pant

Play Day Pant in Purpley and Sandy

Pop these on and PLAY your Day Away! Super Comfy textured linen/rayon/cotton mix pants. Perfect Summer capri-ish length, Elastic waist, and pockets.
You always love my pants and you'll love these ones too! Pair 'em up with your favorite top from this collection that makes you HAPPY and you are ready to go and have some fun!

* Sizing Note - these run a little smaller that my regular cotton knit pant so please check the measurements below when ordering.

Size 1 fits hip up to 46"
Inseam is 21"and outseam is 32"

Size 2 fits hip up to 48"
Inseam is 21" and outseam is 32"
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