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Harmony Hoody

Harmony Hoody

Remember the old 70's Coca Cola commercials where all the hippies are in a circle singing "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?" I just love that commercial on so many levels and got to thinkin' how cute it would be if they shot it again with all my peeps wearing this sunflower harmony hoody!  How cute would that be! 21st century peace, love, and Clothes Encounters Clothing!
Well, maybe we'll have to shoot it ourselves but the feeling I get listening to that ol' commercial is the same feeling I get when I put on this most comfy, cozy, tunic length, so happy, so fresh, French Terry Hoody that has become one of my wear almost everyday favs! I literally have it in every color and you will want it too!!!!
Cute generously sized size pockets make this both fun and functional! Great tunic length to pop on over leggings or pair it up with our French Terry funky pant if you prefer.
3/4 length sleeve makes it a great transitional piece thru the coolest days of early spring but you can layer it right up now while winter is hanging on!
The lines on it are very flattering and even our smallest customers have enjoyed the fit without feeling to overwhelmed.
ONE SIZE best fits Medium (if you are an artwear LOVER) thru XL.
Preshrunk. Washer/dryer safe.

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